Model Watch: Chedi Gusay, Nobody Can Bring This Good Girl Down


The head-turner from Laguna is making her way to the top! From pageants to edorsements, Fil-Spanish Chariss Jedidiah Gusay or better known as Chedi Gusay proves that she got what it takes to be the next big thing.

She’s a consistent honor student as she valued education for she wants to be successful and when she wants it, she knows she’ll get it. Her eagerness and determination is her key towards achieving what she imagines. Growing up, she always wanted to be a model or a celebrity and we surely know that one day she’ll be it.

When she was a kid, she became a lead role in a musical play and since then music has become her passion. Then she joined several pageants and the fire in her starts to ignite, she always believe that there is a beauty queen inside of her which is why she is working hard to prove herself.


She had won multiple titles such as Bb. Santa Cruz Laguna 2016, Miss Silka-Laguna 2016, Mutya ng Liliw 2017, Queen of Universities-Calabarzon 2017 and Miss Republic of the Philippines 2018. Now she’s into modeling and had several endorsements such as Boardwalk and Metrobank’s Yazz Card. We might see her at fashion shows as she is also a ramp model. She is also trying out acting as she appeared on some TV Shows in ABS-CBN. More than the glitz and the glam, there is a deeper reason as to why she’s doing all of it. She’s the bread winner of her family and she also has to  support her studies because her father was diagnosed with a kidney disease.


But not all good things were happening as it came with a price, her strength was tested when she had an issue with some Kathniel fans when she start posting pictures of her and Teen King Daniel Padilla. Bashers all over her social media accounts starting to destroy and sent her hate messages, but she remained calm and silent as she knows that’s the best thing to do. Instead, she focuses more on organizing outreach programs to help the homeless and out of school youth. She conducts fund-raising to raise money so she and her colleagues can donate simple things such as school supplies. She also promotes fitness as she conducts Zumba sessions. She’s really a beauty with a purpose!

Right now, she’s into travelling. She says she love the beaches as it makes her heart and mind serene. She’s also into travel vlogging and does make-up tutorial so that she can share  the places she’s been to and be able to share her makeup tips. She also added, that she wants to inspire people to not be afraid of taking risks and to just take everything positively.


We asked her about her personal style and she say she’s experimental and loves to try new things. She’s innovative and expressive as she wants to grow and develop as time goes. Dogs are her best friend and even thou she got that perfect body she is still a foodie and loves to try new foods to every place she’s been in.


Are you in love with Chedi Gusay? Then go follow her on Instagram: @chedigusay


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