Teenspiration Joshua Banatin on How He Triumph Despite Odds


Handsome and charming with a boy-next-door feature best describes him. We may remember him as Mr. Grand International who brought pride to our country last year as he had a runner up finish but this young and talented It-guy from Laguna proves that he’s more than a pageant-dude as we get up-close. His story of struggles and triumphs truly inspires.

Standing at 5’11” Joshua Reginald Banatin known to many as Joshua Banatin finds male pageantry a bit odd and didn’t take it seriously way back. It was at school contests where he was always asked to join and never did he lost a single one. It was an easy ride for he has the charisma and the potential but those things change. After he finished secondary school, his family had a rough time. His parents lost their jobs and had to look for jobs which can sustain their everyday needs such as food to eat. They didn’t barely even make enough money to survive. That’s when it was decided that he needs to stop schooling and look for a job. With just his confidence, he landed a job as a salesperson in a renowned mall in Laguna. After 2 years of working and saving enough money and with the help of his parents, he went back to school to pursue a degree in Tourism.


It was that time when he realized that he shouldn’t take things for granted and take this male pageantry thing seriously, as he can earn money out of it. It was a wake up call so he decided to join again, but now to do his best. He said that he saw pageantry as a way out of the crisis his family going through. He also saw it as a way to show the people around him that no matter the struggle, it shouldn’t define him as a person. It shouldn’t be a downfall but instead should be a wake up call and come back stronger than ever. He also added that if you’re still alive and still breathing that means you can still do something. With God’s grace, obstacle are not a hindrance and one will triumph.


Mr. LSPU System 2014, Mr. Los Banos 2016, Mr. Sunstar Mall 2016, G. Laguna 2017, Mr. Philippines-CALABARZON and the first ever Mr. Philippines Grand International are some of the titles he got.

Now, he’s busy doing modelling stuffs..

and do hosting stints as that is his forte.

He enjoys singing and playing the guitar (we must see him doing that for we heard he’s that good).


He’s into cooking as well, which makes him a true boyfriend material.

We asked him about his personal style and he said that he’s not really into following trends. His go-to outfit would probably be a black shirt, jeans and a pair of sneakers. He also added that if he had to pick a single style that would be a greaser, rock and roll style that James Dean has.


If his story inspires you then go follow him on Instagram: @joshuareginalds


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