Model Watch: Daniel James Ready for the Runway

At 18 and standing at a whopping 6’2″ Ronald Daniel Silang, now better known as Daniel James is the male model to watch for. This humble Fil-Spanish teen model from Laguna is making his name in the modelling industry in such a young age.


He started his career in 2016, when he won in a school competition dubbed as Mr. AMA. He then joined Lakan ng Pagsanjan in his hometown in Laguna and eventually won but he doesn’t stop there as he also joined  World’s Best Model Philippines where he finished as 2nd place which open doors and bigger opportunities in the modelling world. Endorser at NBS, Ambassador at Chroma, photoshoots at local magazines and certain fashion shows are some of the few of what he’s doing right now.

He’s definitely the one model to watch, sooner or later will see him walking the runway of big campaigns such the likes of Lucky Blue-Smith which has great influence to him. He told us that modelling is his passion and he decided to pursue it more to be able to support his needs in school. He also added that he believes that his intelligence and physical attributes has a great purpose in this world and it’s up to him how he’ll make great use of it.


Aside from modelling, he’s also into journalism and dreams of becoming a feature writer (Maybe he can write for us someday). He also supports outreach programs as he believes that he must give something in return for all the blessing that’s happening in his life and ever since he was a child his mother always taught him to share even if they don’t have much.

We asked him about his personal style and he told us that he’s more into wearing smart casual and color has a huge part in making his outfit standout. Wherever he goes, he make sure that he looks good, luxurious but simple for he believes that personal branding is important and what he wears speaks for himself.

Follow him on Instagram: @supremo_dnl



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