Meet Superbod Hottie from Italy – Denver Hernandez

We may know him as a Superbod with washboard abs and rock-hard biceps but Denver Hernandez proves that he is more than meets the eye.

He was born and raised in Italy and currently residing at the beautiful province of Batangas. At 23 and a height of 5’9″ the modelling industry sure is his calling. He was first discovered when he joined a male competition way back 2016 where he won and now currently signed with IM Agency.

His hobbies includes singing and playing the guitar, so we might expect a harana from him. To all the coffee lovers out there you’ll love him as he is also a coffee lover and he loves to cook, for sure he’ll create delightful meals for he has an Italian blood (Pasta please!). He’s into sports and gym which is why he maintained that great bod. He can be our travel buddy as he loves to travel and like unexpected adventures.

He say he like simple things and good company and don’t want to waste time and not be productive. He also do not like fake people as he want to hang around people who are genuine. Aside from modelling He wants to become an influencer and motivate people by giving them the right feed to improve themselves and to handle their lives better. For sure he’ll make that happen for he is driven, passionate and sweet.


Aside from that, he also can be cool and funny..

and he is smart!


About his personal style, he say he wants to keep it simple but original. He likes to be different and raw.


We asked him tips on how he maintain his looks and he say he doesn’t get any facial treatments or whatsoever, he likes to keep it natural . He say, an ordinary soap and water will do as long as you are neat and clean on your personal hygiene.

Just in case you want to keep stalking then follow him on his Instagram: @denver_hernandez

Also, if you think he got what it takes to win the Century Tuna Superbods Ageless 2018 then go vote for him using the hashtag #SuperbodsDenver.




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