Meet 16 year-old ‘Nadarang’ Viral Rapper Shanti Dope

maxresdefault (1).jpg

Can you believe Shan Patrick Ramos or better known as ‘Shanti Dope’ is only 16-year old and now enjoys being a viral rapper thanks to his LSS rap single ‘Nadarang’ from the album ‘Materyal’ which is now number 1 on Spotify PH.

He was greatly influenced by famous Filipino rappers such as Smugglaz, Loonie, Ron Henley and Gloc-9 whose wordplay, context, rhymes and narratives he aspires for in his own work. As per his name Shanti Dope, it was greatly influenced by his father , who was a  practitioner of Krishna Conciousness. Shanti is the Sanskrit word for peace  which alongside dope could mean “Peace is my natural drug”. This call for peace, given songs that actually speak of injustice and inequality, that insists on discussing the state of the nation. This is what sets him apart from many rappers his age.


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