EJ Magistrado’s Ukay-Ukay Tips

EJ Magistrado a BS Entrepreneurship student from New Era University wowed us as he posted on his Facebook account some fashionable outfit ideas.

What makes us curious is that all the pieces where just bought on an Ukay-Ukay (Thrift Shop). What we can learn from him is that there is no hindrance when it comes to ‘Style’, it doesn’t matter how much the price but how you wear it. Confidence and a sense of vision is key!

Here are some outfit ideas from his “Ukay-Ukay” collection:


plaid shirt – 20 pesos
plaid jeans – 60 pesos 
zara chelsea boots – 100 pesos
fanny pack – 150 pesos


denim coat – 60 pesos!! 
vogue shirt – 10 pesos 
loose fitted pants – 30 pesos


ribbed mockneck shirt – 20 pesos
light washed jeans – around 50 pesos


acne studios cuban shirt – 20 pesos


pink corduroy jacket – 10 pesos 
versace pants – 25 pesos


patched and cropped denim jacket – 20 pesos
vintage floral shirt – 35 pesos


hawaiian shirt – 20 pesos
dr martens platformed combats – 100 pesos


vintage floral polo – 15 pesos

If you’re wondering where he buys all that stuff, it’s just around Baguio City’s famous Ukay-Ukay (thrift shop)

Source:  https://www.facebook.com/eernestjohn

For more outfit ideas follow him on his Instagram account: @ej.magi


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